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Located immediately adjacent to The Galley in DTSP, The Ship’s Hold boasts the largest portfolio of fine rums & Amari throughout Central Florida.

Of course, not everyone may appreciate what an indulgence fine rums offer. Over the centuries, rums have reached a level of sophistication that rivals all other spirits. The array of rum styles available allows one to enjoy different flavors for different occasions and preferences. For us, it is our prized possession making it The Ship Hold’s most precious cargo. And we are excited to share our treasure with you!


While rum has been around as early as 350 B.C., its use was primarily medicinal in nature until the 1600s. At that time, the discovery of the New World and many Caribbean islands introduced the sugar-cane-derived beverage to many. Because rum was able to withstand the long journeys overseas without spoiling, it soon became a measure of trade. But it was far from refined at that time. Its crude nature often caused even the most mildly mannered to become boisterous and rowdy.

Without a formal name, many began calling the hellish creation “Rumbullion,” which is derived from French to mean “kill devil” or “causing a great tumult.” Naturally, this was shortened to the word rum, which has persisted to this day. But while the name has endured, rum’s flavors and refined nature have greatly advanced. No longer is rum considered a drink of seafaring scallywags and daredevil swashbucklers. Today, it’s truly a delicacy that is world-renowned.


When it comes to rum, its initial discovery was somewhat by accident. The main focus of sugar cane farmers in the Caribbean was to produce sugar from sugar cane, not rum. But once the sugar cane was crushed, boiled, and left to ferment, a thick, tarry-looking liquid would gradually seep out of the pots leaving sugar behind. For all practical purposes, this tarry liquid, which we know as molasses, was simply an unwanted byproduct. But since every pound of sugar left behind a half-pound of molasses, it seemed a shame to let it go to waste.

It didn’t take long before someone had the notion to ferment and distill the leftover molasses, which was the origin of rum. But since then, different styles of rum have emerged that account for a variety of different flavors and tastes. For example, while English and Spanish style rums use molasses still to create rum, French styles distill freshly pressed sugar cane juice. Thus, the French rum, known as “rhum” which is short for the word Rhum Agricole, offers a more floral and earthy taste similar to a refined Scotch. In contrast, English rums tend to have a darker color and fuller body while Spanish styles are smoother and lighter in nature.


The Ship’s Hold was created to honor the great heritage and tradition of rum and the culture with which it’s associated. Not only did European explorers and seafaring pirates rely on rum for their wellbeing and livelihood, but they also came to appreciate its rich flavors and unique tastes. It’s therefore not surprising that rum became highly valued over time, and it’s also why we at The Ship’s Hold consider our vast collection a true treasure of St. Pete.

If you’re looking to reintroduce yourself to the finest rums of today, look no further than The Ship’s Hold. With 200 different varieties of rum in an array of styles, you will soon appreciate just how decadent and pleasing a fine rum can be. And The Ship’s Hold offers the perfect environment to enjoy the experience. Amidst a background of nautical and island influences, The Ship’s Hold creates a mood ideal for enjoying a fine rum. Once you’ve enjoyed such an experience, we are certain your voyage to The Ship’s Hold won’t be your last!